Game Court Maintenance

If you have a sports court that needs maintenance, look no further than Catonsville. We have over 20 years of experience painting all types of game lines, including tennis courts, volleyball courts, pickle ball courts, shuffle board, four square, basketball courts, and more. No matter the game, you will receive comprehensive maintenance to renew or refresh your indoor or outdoor sport court.

Artificial Turf Maintenance

If you have artificial turf in your gym or sports court, it’s important to keep it clean and sanitary for the athletes using it. If there are spilled sports drinks or food products, these minor spills can be cleaned with detergent and cold water – but should be attended to within a day of the spill. Avoid a large spot by using minimal detergent, working your way from the outside of the stain to the center. If athletes tracked mud or loose dirt onto the turf, it’s easy to vacuum right up. Any substance such as chewing gum or tar needs to be sprayed with aerosol and then scraped off the turf fibers. Utilize a dry cleaning solvent to finish the job. Keep these cleaning tips for when your turf needs a quick once-over. Call Sport Court Services for long-term maintenance.

Un-sealed and Sealed Court Maintenance

Unsealed floors, commonly seen in weight rooms or ice skating rinks, should be kept up with to ensure the lifetime and quality of the courts. Vacuuming daily keeps dust at bay and use a clean mop with minimal water to keep the area from emitting a foul smell.

Sealed floors are generally used for heavily active areas, such as basketball courts. These also can be vacuumed and mopped, but may look scuffed due to a lot of foot traffic. Spray or dry buffing may be necessary to clean this off.

Game Court Services can offer maintenance plans for both types of floors as well as both indoor and outdoor.

Basketball Court Maintenance

There are a few simple tasks that can be done to keep your Baltimore basketball court in good shape.

  1. Mop, dust, or sweep the court daily. Dirt is tracked in from sneakers and can actually wear down the floor’s sealant.
  2. Use an alcohol-based cleaner once a week. Sweat from athletes can make the floor slick.
  3. Recoat the floor yearly. Using a water-based finish on the floor can protect the floor each new school year.
  4. Refresh the graphics every decade. A good looking court will encourage top skills.

Re-Construction of Sport Courts in Baltimore

Game Court Services of Catonsville can offer maintenance to add to any game court project. This will ensure safe play and extend the lifetime of your courts, such as reducing surface cracking. As community courts are rarely maintained, our experts can re-construct your sport court to help avoid future surface damage.

Call Game Court Services to learn more about maintenance packages.

Our experts have over twenty years’ experience in game court maintenance and are conveniently located in Catonsville.